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the notepad for your music

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* Works on any device supporting iOS or iPadOS 16.2+
** Apple Pencil is recommended to write on the app.

MusicPad - for all kinds of scores

for all kinds of scores

MusicPad - in all kind of styles

in all kinds of styles

MusicPad - with powerful tools in a simple UI

with powerful tools in a simple UI

If you are trying some counterpoint exercises, or notating a melody that's been ringing in your head all day, or sketching your next solo, MusicPad has got you covered.

Download on the App Store
MusicPad - in dark or light mode

in dark or light mode

MusicPad - in portrait

in portrait

MusicPad - or split view

or split view

export and share as PDF
or sync to iCloud

MusicPad - export and share as PDF or sync to iCloud
MusicPad - designed for Apple Pencil

designed for
Apple Pencil


Jan 23, 2023

Ottima app (rapporto qualità prezzo)
Ottima per scrivere musica al volo, interagisce molto bene con il file manager di iPad e con tutto il sistema operativo. (Sembra di scrivere sull'app nome nativa di Apple). Perfetta compatibilità con apple pencil.

by ChrisCoMusic

Jan 17, 2023

Great App! 
Finally a simple app to write on music paper or short notes or draw in. Easy to export to multi-page PDF.
And great iCloud support too!

by Socrates V.P.

Jan 12, 2023

Excellent, promising app 
Perfect for sketching any kind of musical ideas just like writing on conventional music paper. The pencil tool is great and I really like the minimal UI. Keep up the good work!

MusicPad Features

MusicPad let's you create unlimited notepad files with unlimited sheet music pages in which to write your music.

• Near-zero latency response with Apple's industry standard PencilKit frameworks.

• It offers Apple's tools: like pens, markers, highlighters and pencils plus eraser, selector and ruler. 

• Each page can be made to hide or show its staves making it a great place for writing or drawing along with your scores, or for creating a title page for your music.

• When you are finished writing it's easy to export your full document as a PDF or share the entire notepad file with friends and colleagues.

MusicPad is tightly integrated with your file system, so it is a snap to organize, share and sync your files across devices.


Finger Gestures

MusicPad allows the following gestures for positioning your page on the screen:

- 1-finger for moving the page around

- 2-fingers for zooming in and out

- 2-fingers for swiping forwards or backwards through multiple pages


• You have control over your gesture interaction with your page positioning and you can easily turn off all gestures if you want to make quick markings with your fingers or if you just want your page to be fixed in place.


Even though it is possible to write with your fingers, an Apple Pencil is the recommended method to write with precision on the app.

Works on any device supporting iOS or iPadOS 16.2+

Download on the App Store

New in Version 1.2

• Blazing-fast navigation: pages can now be turned at fast speeds. This works both with the toolbar controls as well as with a 2-finger swipe gesture.

• Zooming experience has been greatly improved.

– General memory consumption.

New in Version 1.1

• Added support for iOS 16.2+, so now MusicPad can run on compatible iPhones.

• You can now use your finger to draw on a page (we still recommend the Apple Pencil on the iPad as a main input device).

• On iPadOS, the main toolbar can now be reordered and customized.

A new Export window allows you to export either the current or all pages as a PDF and shows a small preview of the PDF as well.

– You can now swipe forwards or backwards with 2 fingers on a page to navigate to the next or previous page respectively.

Find the full list of fixes in the AppStore

Download on the App Store

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For support please include in your message: 

the OS version, device model and version of MusicPad.

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