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Your next notepad for writing music

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* Works on any iPad supporting iPadOS 16.2+
** Apple Pencil is required to write on the app.

Version 1.0

Download on the App Store

If you are trying some counterpoint exercises, or notating a melody that's been ringing in your head all day, or sketching your next solo, MusicPad has got you covered. 


✦ MusicPad let's you create unlimited notepad files with unlimited sheet music pages in which to write your music.

✦ It offers Apple's markup tools: like pens, markers, highlighters and pencils plus eraser, selector and ruler.

✦ Each page can be made to hide or show its staves making it a great place for writing or drawing along with your scores.

✦ And when you are finished, it's easy to export your full document as a PDF or share the entire notepad file with friends and colleagues.


The Apple Pencil is required for all your writing on MusicPad!

MusicPad is compatible with all iPads that can run iPadOS 16+ and support the Apple Pencil generation 1 or 2.

More Features

Sleek and unobtrusive UI design

Looks great in dark and light mode

Support for Apple Pencil gen. 1 and 2

Low latency response when writing

Share MusicPad documents as a file or export as a PDF

Full file-based management

Coming Soon

Page configuration options: like paper sizes, margins and staves!

Straight line and shape detection

Configurable grids

All pages view

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