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Die Nacht der offenen Kirchen - Kirche Ketzberg Solingen

On Friday, October 1st. 2021, Christopher Collings (processed trumpet, flugelhorn and didgeridoo) and myself (in processing, electronics and sound projection) played a concert in the Kirche Ketzberg, in Solingen, Germany as part of Die Nacht der offenen Kirchen event.

This concert was our debut as duo and also marked our first try out for our new performing setup. We worked on this setup for over a year, without counting previous years of jam sessions and performances of Stockhausen's music during 'aus LICHT' between 2017 and 2019.

For the first time we got the chance of playing around with projection-mapping techniques by bouncing off coloured lights and space films onto the white walls and ceilings of the church. The result was something we could not have foreseen! We transformed the church into a huge spaceship with which we traveled around between nebulas, galaxies and stars that passed us by as we navigated the depths of intergalactic space. This was a finding outside of all our expectations. Here are some shots of that night and the preparatory days before.

Parts of this project have been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Goethe Institut and its Virtual Partner Residency 2020 / 2021 grant program.


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