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Virtual Bells

With the generous support of Stimuleringfonds and in collaboration with the Nederlandse Beiaardschool and the Utrecht Conservatorium, I am finally able to take my Virtual Bells project forwards.

Ever since I visited the Belgenmonument (Belgian's monument) in Amersfoort for the first time in 2009, I wanted to try to play and experiment with the sound of the bells, changing it, modulating it, making all kinds of sounds come out of the tower.

The Belgenmonument is located in a beautiful park. It's a monument dedicated to peace between men and women of any cultures, creeds or beliefs. It was a gift from the Belgian refugees in The Netherlands at the end of World War I. The bells were casted by Eijsbouts and installed in the tower in the 1960s.

At this stage, my project is about exploring the possibilities of merging the traditional bell sounds of a carillon with that of modern digital sounds. As I gather more material around these experiments I will share my results in this post.


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