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Virtual Soundscapes

My project Virtual Soundscapes received a starting grant from Creative Culture Funds NL (aka Stimuleringfonds). I'm very happy to be able to work building up this very ambitious project! In this project I'm going to be researching, investigating and recreating nature sounds with purely digital means.

First Research / Experimental Phase Completed

As a final result of the first stage of the project I'm sharing in the link below a controlled transition between day, storm and night virtual soundscapes, all created (or generated / controlled) with digital means. This track was produced as a binaural mix, and therefore it's better perceived with headphones (closed / over-ear preferably).

The process of creation of this virtual soundscapes started by simply putting together four sounds from a soft synthesizer as can be seen in this teaser from January 2021:

Any subsequent updates on this project will be published on this page.

Thanks once again to my sponsor for this amazing opportunity!

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